Television and Movie Features

"Bad Boys" - Movie included special effects glass work done by Ms. Abbott

PM Magazine - Segment about modern stained glass techniques featured Ms. Abbott's work

PBS - Home Show segment featured Ms. Abbott explaining how stained glass was made

Published Books, CD's and Video

Hot & Wired - Instructional book about how to make fine jewelry using glass with gold and silver wire

Hot & Wired Video - Instructional video illustrating, in detail, the technique of forming the above described jewelry

Something's Fishy - Underwater theme instructional book of special advanced techniques in glass execution with designs for using those techniques

Rain Forest - Instructional book with designs of birds, animals and vegetation indigenous to this area

Star Gazing - Design book featuring the zodiac signs, angels, snowflakes and other "heavenly" subjects

E-Magine This! - Design book on disc featuring fantasy, southwestern, animal, bevel, mosaic, border and floral designs in CAD form

The above books are in international distribution.

That's A Wrap!!! CD containing detailed photographic and written instructions for wire wrapping pendants and beads. Information for making wire wrapped bracelets are also covered.

That's A Wrap, Too!!! CD containing detailed photographic and written instructions for making neck wires and integrating pendants into neck wires. Projects vary from the very simple to extremely intricate.

You've Got Maille!!! CD containing detailed photographic and written instructions for making the elaborate looking, but very simple Byzantine chain maille weave. Seven projects are included. Instructions for bracelets, earrings, necklaces and watches are given with each step photographed.

It's In The Maille!!! CD containing detailed photographic and written instructions for making the lavish European 4-in-1 chain maille weave. Projects include a lacy and delicate single European 4-in-1 necklace and a more substantial double European 4-in-1 bracelet that is excellent for both men and women.

First Glass Maille!!! CD containing detailed photographic and written instructions for making the lovely Romanov chain maille weave. The Romanov is a Byzantine variation that includes the incorporation of beads. Projects include a full Romanov necklace, and a necklace or bracelet that incorporates a wire wrapped and beaded cabochon into the necklace, finished with byzantine ends.

The artist is a contributing writer to Glass Craftsman Magazine, Newtown, Pennsylvania, on a continuing basis.

Selected critical commentaries:

"...she is able to combine the brilliance and translucence of hand rolled and antique glass with apparently simple, but extremely subtle design and color"....Calvin Goodman, Author and Art Critic for American Artist Magazine

"Linda Abbott's expertise, energy, vision and enthusiasm have done much to give momentum to glass art in Utah"...Richard Christensen, Art Critic, Deseret News of Salt Lake City, Utah

"...radiant stream of color...the art of painting lost a promising watercolorist when Ms. Abbott took up the glass making art. Glass is her palette now. Effects are never dull and finished results are often more exciting than a painting on paper...excitement that is as varied as the quality of light and as transitive as a fleeting moment...her impressionist teacher made her duly conscious of the color properties of light"...George Dibble, Art Critic, Salt Lake Tribune, Salt Lake City, Utah

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