Beveled Glass

Nothing says "elegance" like beveled glass. Each piece is custom designed using only the most prismatic American Bevel clusters for windows and doors that literally sparkle in the light.

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  Glass Carving

Carving into glass is very exciting to me. Each piece takes on a realism that catches the light and gives it form. The crystalline natural frost adds to the wonder of this type of work.

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  Religious Stained Glass

Extensive research is done for each religious piece. It is important to me that religious work be moving and spiritual. I want the viewer to be affected emotionally when they look at the window.

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  Residential and Commercial Stained Glass

I try to use the glass palette to make a painting in glass. I use the natural variations in the glass to shade and highlight each piece to create form. Each custom piece I do is uniquely designed for its owner and is never repeated for resale.

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  Glass Painting

My paintings are an example of an ancient technique applied to modern subject matter. These paintings are done by applying multiple washes of glass powders and firing them in a kiln. Each tone and each color represents a separate firing. Many things can happen that can ruin a piece, such as fingerprints firing into the glass or incorrect heating and/or cooling causing the glass to break. It is a painstaking, but rewarding process. The wolf painting is the result of 18 firings. The tiger took 22 firings.

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  Wedding, Missionary and Other Giftware

Your most special days deserve very special, personalized mementos. These gifts will become family keepsakes to be treasured for generations.

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Each piece of jewelry I make is one-of-a-kind. I forge the gemstones and then wrap them in 14K gold filled or sterling silver wire. The stones are made in many colors, but all have an opal-like quality and are always conversation pieces. My silver jewelry is sculpted 99.9 fine silver.

To order Linda's instructional CDs for making wire wrapped and chain maille jewelry, please email Linda at: Linda@AbbottGlass.com

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  Trophies and Awards

We feature awards and trophies of distinction. Gold and silver leafing can be added for spectacular enhancements.

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